How we started

Curtisi Co. exists to help you place beauty in your path. 

My Why

We looked and looked for a dining table and nothing felt like us. 

So I built a dining table. 

Then we started searching for a credenza. Same story. 

So I built a credenza. 

Then we needed bedroom furniture... and this time we didn't look.

And haven't looked {back} since.

my wife and bought our {realistic} dream house. But we could not find our dream furniture...

Once upon a time...

This is one of the main reasons that working with wood resonates deeply with me: it is organic, raw beauty, without artifice. I strive for the same thing. From casual conversations and collaborating with you on your design to communicating about cost and lead times, integrity is essential.





I believe our souls are shaped by what we give our attention to, which is why my desire is to enrich the lives of those around me by placing beauty in their path. If I won the lottery today (someone would have to gift me a ticket first), I sincerely think I would still spend my time the same way. I have been given these creative gifts and it's a privilege to be able to express them through my work.




Families, cultures, and companies are beautifully diverse, and I want to create pieces that reflect this wonderful reality. I make art for people and companies that highlight their styles, personalities, and values. No two pieces are ever the same – like the people who commission them, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind!




From rough lumber to finished art, I enjoy sharing the creation with clients through personalized videos along the way from the shop that highlight techniques, bring attention to subtle details, and invite clients into the journey. I’m delighted to share and clients are thrilled to see their pieces
come together.



From sorting through piles of lumber to the hand applied finish, each piece is formed with meticulous intention.




I cannot promise your heirs will want it, but I can say I build with such precision and quality that with proper care, these works will outlive all of us. a Craftsman



–Simone Weil

"In all that awakens within us the pure and authentic sentiment of beauty, there is, truly, the presence of God. There is a kind of incarnation of God in the world, of which beauty is the sign.

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